Teams of designers, engineers and architects working for ASCO group skillfully combine utility and functionality of design projects and apply modern approach to architectural solutions.

Owners and associates of ASCO Group of Companies have extensive experience in design and implementations of such projects. Since its inception, from year to year, our investment portfolio grows in a dynamic and consistent way. Showcases of our group are built and put into operation, such as comprehensive residential projects, office and commercial complexes.

When it comes to housing, functionality and convenience are the most important requirements, which our designers see as goal of their design. Our proposed solutions are backed by our years of experience in this field.

Current project ASCO in Erbil, Kurdistan shows what kind of solutions we have in mind to best serve future users. We carefully consider every detail to make life easier for them.

This project alone includes comprehensive urban solution that will bring many benefits to future users of buildings and installations, and we hope, they will perceive it. We are thinking here, among other things, about supplementary infrastructure that will be associated with this project. With projects of this magnitude ASCO expert teams are prepared to implement new solutions to original plan throughout the entire building process. Changes in urban plans are not rare and unusual for us. As a rule they lead to the satisfaction of all participants in this process. This applies to both functionality and architectural appeal we all seek.

The location of our investments is chosen with great care after throughout consideration of all factors. At the same time we think that these investments should be in countries and cities with a great economic and cultural potential. Our goal is to be involved and active in places where demand for our projects is very substantial.

In general before the acquisition of the plot, we create an initial concept, which serves as a base for determining the local demand for space, its type and estimated prices. These are the criteria by which we can execute a project and sell it.

Depending on the location of each investment, we choose different architectural styles and use different technologies and materials.

The results of our work are solid and durable buildings with elegant facades and beautiful exteriors, as well as functional and exceptional interior design. In the construction process we use high quality construction and finishing materials.

Customer satisfaction is our absolute priority that is why we make sure that our offer is comprehensive, interesting and competitive. Searching investment areas we choose only the best locations, since the location is a major factor influencing the quality of life.

 For us building is an Art.