The current project  in Pirman Street in Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq
The name of the project: INTERNATIONAL CITY ERBIL

The plot is located in Pirman street - the main artery road leading to the Sallah Addin (also to Shaklawa) just 8 km from the Citadel, which defines the central point of REGION CAPITAL - Erbil.
Land area is approximately 105,000 m2.

Defining the local demand for usable areas and analyzing local terrain beforehand allowed ASCO to prepare comprehensive urban design in Erbil.

In 2014  ASCO International has received permit to build this Project and began construction work several months later.

This investment will probably dominating construction project in the whole region. Through its architecture and functionality it will be very distinct from other projects in Erbil.

For the inhabitants of the city, local authorities, institutions and people arriving from all over Iraq and abroad this project will have a wide range of complementary facilities and sites which in our opinion will bring various benefits by:

  • creating elegant, functional and at the same time affordable housing,
  • creating recreational area, service, retail, and office space,
  • creation of tourism and business infrastructure district, construction of hotels and hotel apartments,

The project will be implemented n 4 individual steps according to projected 4 investment stages.
Construction of the first part, the so-called "Part A", has already begun.

This COMPREHENSIVE PROJECT will be a new part of the city in a modern style.

The function of the buildings has been adapted to the needs of their future residents and may be changed at any time during the construction phase and/or modified if necessary.

Forms of construction selected for this Project are based partly on Central European architectural styles, but mainly on modern and popular style, which is used in the United Arab Emirates.