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The origins of the ASCO Group, can be actually traced back to 1964.
Its founder began his education as a draftsman and his construction apprentice as a carpenter and bricklayer and that how he gained his first experience in the construction industry.

After solid education in Germany, through so-called “second chance education” in University for Construction Engineers in Mainz, he studied architecture at the University of Stuttgart covering wide range of priorities in various fields such as:

urban development, construction of large commercial buildings, skyscrapers, office buildings, residential buildings, hospitals, industrial facilities, and the construction of the so-called complementary infrastructure (service buildings, hotels, schools, kindergartens, etc.).

Some ASCO employees and engineers their later experiences gathered as key associates  or freelancers in renowned architectural design and construction engineering companies such as:

Ø Prof. Schmidt & Heene, Ludwigshafen / Rhein
Ø Planungsbüro Alexander Edelmann, Frankfurt
Ø Infra Gesellschaft mbH für Umweltplanung

Many very gifted and talented people were part of this kind of professional development in Germany. They began as students, then they became young engineers and later they become experts in various fields of construction and engineering.

Later, some of these key professionals united in groups forming building consortia and design companies working as specialized teams on various construction projects.

The large number of completed projects over the years brought us even greater experience. As a result, in 2003, a group of companies under the name ASCO, covering several fields of construction, was formed.

ASCO affiliates and employees and design companies, from different countries, affiliated with ASCO have been able to make full use of their knowledge and skills in almost all fields of the construction industry (the development of projects, planning, project management, etc.).
ASCO  has planned, implemented and completed projects in Germany, Poland, the United Arab Emirates. Initially as a service for other companies and then mostly developing our own projects.

The dynamic development of Poland after 1989 and good economic prospects associated with the Polish accession to the EU were the main basis for creation of ASCO in Warsaw in 2003 and moving construction activity to Eastern Europe under the name ASCO Invest Sp. z oo, which later set up several subsidiaries (mostlz SPVs) operating in various building fields. These include: ASCO International “,” ASCO Development “and others that are not formaly and legally affiliated with ASCO but are in the International Group of Companies working collectively.

As mentioned above, this cooperation is divided into the following projects:
residential projects, commercial projects of all kinds, office buildings, shopping centers, tourism, hotels, hospitals, industrial buildings, factories and warehouses, plants for production of renewable energy, bio-refineries.

The founders and associates of the ASCO Group companies, and ASCO affiliated companies in different countries, brought with them a rich practical experience in a variety of building trades raising the quality of development activities of the Group. These skills enabled the Group activity in almost all areas of construction and development projects.

ASCO individual departments and Companies associated with ASCO have on board architects, engineers, economists, financial experts and project managers as well as environmentalists – most of them with years of experience in their respective fields: both in public and private sector. They deal with complex preparation of projects, coordination and execution of all works related to conducting a full property development and construction process as well as activities related to real estate sales.

Spectrum of activities of ASCO – Group:

  • Acquisition of land from the comprehensive assessment and analysis of investment opportunities
  • Building simulation models of investment projects
  • Forecasting development solutions of the areas with functional concepts, including architectural and urban solutions and their proper design
  • Preparation of needed materials prior to design process
  • Analyzing and reviewing location decisions including local zoning plans. Elaborating on comments and suggesting possible solutions
  • Formal and legal support of investments in all stages of implementation to the completion of the project and obtaining certificate of compliance
  • Architectural design and construction of enclosed structures, interior design and landscaping in all phases of documentation
  • Graphics and visualization design in 3D, preparation of graphic design and documentation, construction of mock-ups
  • Coordination of construction of projects, trade documentation and all arrangements
  • Individual supervision, construction and investment supervision during project execution
  • Completion of finished project documentation
  • Procedures and permit needed for certificate of compliance and other formalities needed for finished construction