The founders of the group of companies are from Germany. Some of them started their business activities in 1964. Until 1980 the majority of property development and construction was conducted in Germany.

In 1981, the first branch was established in Poland. Since 1990 they have created and registered several companies designed for specific tasks in various countries, including the United Arab Emirates.

These companies started their operations by undertaking at least one relatively large complex construction project, which was done from the beginning to the end.

These comprehensive construction projects required a long term commitment and have brought and are still bringing more projects to develop and implement for the entire Group.

ASCO Invest Sp. z o.o  was founded in 2003 in Poland. It is based, just as its daughter companies and partner companies, on many years of professional and business experience of its founders and partners, who come from companies working earlier within the Group.

Contributing engineers, architects, economists, who work in many different countries, possess extensive knowledge (know-how) and experience. They are able to meet the biggest challenges for comprehensive investment projects within the construction industry.

ASCO related companies, in the past, were taking over comprehensive service of investment projects. With time they moved on to development their own projects, in their own name and simply called the process PROJECT DEVELOPMENT.

In the past and in the present we are building all kinds of housing projects, public buildings, office buildings, industrial space, factories and warehouses, commercial areas, such as: stores, shopping centers, hospitals, and other service buildings, as well as comprehensive centers tourism industry.

Within the above-described activities we offer a full package of consulting and advisory services at each stage of the investment process. In addition, we offer comprehensive services related to the evaluation of the profitability of developed projects together with the planning, design, and their subsequent management.

In the past, the priority for us was to provide quality services according to the needs defined by the investor at the beginning of cooperation. After many years of practice and achieved experience we are dealing mainly in realization of our own investment projects.

We believe that only a clearly defined division of tasks and responsibilities can be the basis for the proper conduct of the investment process.

Since the beginning of ASCO Invest and its subsidiaries we focus on the following areas:

1. Comprehensive property development, residential, commercial and industrial,

2. The assessment of the viability and needs, calculating and analyzing activities in planning and development of comprehensive architectural solutions.

3. Management of the process of implementation for "Project Management".
A comprehensive supervision of project before and during its construction and preparation of its financing until the final stage, obtaining final building permits and subsequent sale or rental of the finished project.